14 August, 2011

Comments from 11 Aug

Kellie said...
they sure do end up nekkid a lot! lol! so would Bear grease on their skin not help? keep heat in water off..... and all that. protect against bugs too

It can certainly help prevent frostbite, if applied heavily, but in situations like they’re in, I don’t know…they hadn’t exactly planned to end up that way, and don’t have any bear grease with them. Couldn’t hurt though.

Nancy1340 said...
Been in the land of riots the last 10 days so just now catching up.
We didn't see any of the "misguided youths" thankfully.

Glad you avoided the “misguided youths” while over there…sounds like certain “youths” are trying to imitate what happened in Los Angeles a while ago…

1 comment:

  1. Broadcasting LIVE, from: ~small beginnings~ it is the Cleo & philip Show!

    "Cleo, tell the audience what your first 24 hours in ~small beginnings~ was like"

    CLEO: "ReOwwwww!!! sniff, sniff,Sniff, SNIFF? MEoOww"!

    So did the ruckus settle down at all?

    CLEO: "MeeeeeOoooooow....."

    So your daddy did OK then, in getting you moved in"?

    CLEO: "PPPPPppppprrrrrrrrrrrrrr, meow"

    I guess you settled in then, did philip say anything about what else will take place"!

    CLEO: "ReeeeOuooooo"!

    Oh it could not be that bad, can it, I mean hasn't he been taking you for rides to get used to a different way of living?

    CLEO: "(meow)...."

    So really, to sum it all up, you just don't like sudden changes in your life then?

    ...... CLEO: "(meow)....sniff, sniff".

    Well there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears that philip, and with some minor reservations, Cleo "(meow)....sniff, sniff" have spent there first night in their New Home, ~small beginnings~ and all is well...

    Thank you Cleo, for your true feelings, and I hope you settle down and enjoy your new home....