20 August, 2011

Comments from 19 August

Anonymous/EdD270 said...
Chill, EA. Well, relax anyway. Liz is competent and if she's not back it's because she's doing what's necessary to avoid being seen. She'll be back as soon as it's safe. Have confidence in her.
Don't get yourself all panicked over nothing.

Chill…ha! I think he’s already doing that…

Liz is competent, though, and hopefully he will remember that and not act too hastily.

Anonymous/CC said...
It seems like those two never have success when they separate.... :(

It has led to some problems and confusion in the past…

Anonymous said...
Hot, hissing, whiteness. What a good comment, so very accurate.

Yes, unfortunately that’s the way it can go sometimes.

Kathy/LADY KAYDEE said...
Just caught back up and Liz is missing.
I hate it when they get separated. Hopefully
the bird will help them find each other.

He just might!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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