27 August, 2011

Comments from 26 August

To all of you who have been or are about to be affected by the Hurricane Irene, you're in my prayers. Stay safe.

Anonymous/EdD270 said...
WOW! A great welcome home meal, a good night sleep, and awake to a few inches of fresh snow. Man, it don't get any better than that.
Still lots to do, but the pressure is mostly off. Now if EA will just let those ribs heal.

Yep, a pretty good sort of morning…

They do now have most of what they should need to make it through the winter, though a number of hides still need to be tanned and warm clothes made. Einar's going to have a struggle with those ribs for a while I expect, and may have more trouble with the cold than he's used to or expecting, but if he can eat more, that will slowly get better.

Kellie said...
I bet Liz isn't sleeping anymore! lol! Ok, so their door opens OUTWARD, will not the snow block them in eventually? Shouldn't they have a door that opens inward?

It does open out, partially as a security measure of sorts and partially to save space in the cabin. The trees that overhang the cabin will help reduce the depth of the snow that will pile up in front of the door from any one storm, but yes, they could end up trapped in there and having to crawl out through the hole in the roof if they ever happen to hibernate through a 3 day blizzard without keeping up with the snow removal!

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  1. why don't they just add a roof over the doorway?