30 August, 2011

30 August 2011

Won't be able to post a chapter today, as I didn't get one written last night, and it's a bit of a busier week than usual for me.

Thank you all for reading, and for your patience, and I'll be back with another chapter tomorrow!


  1. If I'm honest I hate when there isn't a chapter waiting for me to read when I log on in the morning, BUT I appreciate that life goes on outside of the web sooooooooooooo
    I forgive you lol lol :-P

  2. I agree with Apple and really appreciate how regulary you do post a chapter.

    Thank you

  3. I hope it has been busy is all good ways!

  4. Oh, yeah, sure, FOTH. Get the Jeep running and leave us all in the lurch.
    Enjoy your time, weekend, whatever, and be safe. Say hay! to EA and Liz for us.

  5. Chris, It is OK by me, GOD always provides for his children.

    My day, this day:

    went to sleep @ 6:00 AM, just ~regular stress~, not from pain.

    Woke up by alarm @ 1:00PM, to prepare for the 3 items on agenda, all completed, in this order:

    1. monthly appointment w/ mental health, to make sure I am OK, my joke is, Doc, I didn't kill anybody all this month. he appreciates that in his patients, not killing people that is. We discussed the stress of moving, which as of now, is anti-climatic. requested ~Official Animal companion~ letter, so I have no Pet deposit fee for move in. "It is now in the mail".

    2. went to pay 190.00 parking ticket, for my handicap placard falling from my mirror, please, don't bother looking AT the seats where it fell, handicap License plates are not equivalent to the placard ???? the NICE lady at the counter saw my placard in my hand, and said, you need not go to court to say what happened, BUT we must charge administration fee of $20.00 and your record will show the entire ticket paid. I am glad my LAST Official Business as a citizen of Bleujene Orygon is keeping the from bankruptcy.

    3. took $30.00 USPS Money Order to my new potential home, they are ALL Christians, and although they ~must~ do the background check, they asked me if I wanted a Sept First Move in Date, or the Third!!!!

    Keep it simple, the first. space #20, a good number.

    So, I am so tired, that I will be able to sleep, without knowing if Muninn is still on his Liz created perch, or not!

    in HIM,