03 August, 2011

Comments from 2 August

Anonymous/EdD270 said...
Well, I'm glzd to be back in touch with EA and Liz, and caught up on their story. Our computer crashed and it took the computer-smart folks at the repair shop a couple weeks to get it up and running again. I'm a techno-illiterate.
Thanks for the chapters, FOTH, and the great pics. Make me homesick for CO. Thanks to all for their comments, too. I enjoy reading them.
I'm wondering why EA didn't take the opportunity to take a coyote or two. Their fur, even though not prime at this time of year, is very warm and don't frost up, would make excellent parka hoods or baby wraps.
Also wonder why EA has never gotten around to making himself a bow and arrows. They're more accurate than the atlatal, and have longer range. While this blog format is not as handy as the forum was, it's far far better than nothing.
Why won't this thing let me post a comment?

Glad you got the comment to work, and glad your computer is running again, too! They can be a major hassle when they refuse to work properly...

Einar ought to have taken a coyote or two while he had the chance, and not allowed himself to get so absorbed in driving them off the remains of that elk that he didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.

As for why he hasn’t made himself a bow and arrows--he made one for Liz, which she has become quite adept at using, but he got a lot of practice with the atlatl while he had the injured shoulder and could not use a bow, and with the various injuries he’s had to deal with, including, currently, the ribs, I think he’s found it more advantageous to go on using the atlatl.

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