29 August, 2011

Comments from 27 August

Kellie said...
a roof over the door maybe to help keep the snow from building up in front?

maybe Einar will rest today.....

.....yeah, right! lol! Maybe Liz can distract him with making more cordage since they are very low.

I learned that Dogbane makes good cordage.

Don’t know if she’ll be able to distract him with cordage making this time, but they really are running short and will have to have more pretty soon…

Yes, dogbane sure does make good cordage! Does it grow there in your area? Does grow here, but the stalks are a good bit shorter than at lower altitudes. If you made some, I’d love to see pictures.

Here are some partially prepared fibers from the last time I made dogbane cordage, and a bundle of the stalks.

R. Fager said...
Starting with his eccentricities Einar has a interesting perspective on things. (understatement)
Multiplied by his malnutrition, and his lack of oxygen, if he does not listen to liz i am afraid he will not be with us in the spring.

Thanks for all your work. This is my first comment sense the change and it great as always.

Glad you found the story here! Good to hear from you.

Einar’s eccentric, is he? Huh. He’s always considered himself pretty normal--but the rest of the world sure is weird!!

Anonymous/EdD270 said...
Liz is getting all domestic. Nice to dream about the good life, but they won't have it, or if they have it it won't last long. Then they'll be on the run and roughing it again. Sometimes it's just so nice to dream, though.

Nice to do, but can be dangerous if you let it distract you from the reality of things…

Russell H Whyte said...
oh oh. Every time things start looking up Murphy drops by to enforce that law of his. Hunters coming lower increases the chance of detection. As does a crying baby which is not far away now.

Compared to previous winters they're much better prepared, and great timing getting those hides. But still worried about what may be coming next. Feds won't give up. As we saw recently in the news with DB Cooper, even old cases are still getting attention.

Hunters going down lower will actually be a good thing, as they’ll now be below Einar and Liz and less likely to stumble across them. Which is a good thing, because a crying baby certainly is a security risk if you’ve got other people wandering around nearby!

No, the feds won’t give up, and Einar and Liz’s lives will always be somewhat uncertain because of that--but they certainly will scale back the search and let it go quiet if there are no sightings for a while. Eventually they’ll change their tactics yet again, and hope to catch Einar when/if he makes the mistake of initiating contact with some of the folks down in the valley.

Anonymous/TheFishinMagician said...
Did they ever fix the hole in the roof when they encountered that bear? That might be an important thing to fix, with winter coming on.

Einar's got plenty to keep him busy without risking his life...stocking the woodshed, topping off the water barrel, getting the trapline started again, making the winter clothes out of the new hides, etc. Should give him a good chance to heal up...which he desperately needs to do!

They never fixed the hole, since Einar found it such a handy way to fill the water barrel whenever it rained… But will let a lot of warm air out in the winter, and probably ought to be closed up. And yes, Einar has plenty to do and had better get busy with it, too, now that snow has arrived.

Nancy1340 said...
Thanks for a new chapter. It would be nice to have a spell where Einar got helthy and things just settled down, at least for a few months. Maybe 'till spring?

That would certainly provide a better start for the baby, and hopefully may be able to happen.

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