06 August, 2011

Comments from 5 August

No chapter today, back with another tomorrow.

Thank you all for reading!

Anonymous/Airmung said...
FOTH, thanks for directing me to your blog. I was afraid it was gone forever. Thanks for finding a way to keep the story going.

I head out Sunday for another chemo session and greatly appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.

Airmung, I will definitely be praying for your healing, and for strength while you’re undergoing the process. Please let us know how things are going for you.

colspt said...
Love the pictures. Down here in Ga. you'd have to be very careful crawling into a thicket like that because chances are there would be something in there already.

Same here, but the creature would almost certainly be a pika (little rabbit/mouse-like critter,) rather than a copperhead! So not much risk, around here…

Kellie said...
lol! that is real life alright! the most important discussions happen at the most inconvenient time! but it sounds like a major break through occurred!!

If it was anything other than a helicopter, Einar might have been glad the conversation got interrupted…

Kathy/LADY KAYDEE said...
Aahhh! All caught up again. Been gone most of the week,back in North La.working on BOL.

Glad you’re caught up again, sounds like you must be getting a lot of work done on your retreat, and that’s a good thing!

Anonymous/CC said...
I wonder if they end up naming a son "Andy".

Great chapter thanks!


I don’t know if Einar could do that. Guess we’ll see. Liz would probably appreciate it if they had a few name options that did not involve “Snorri” or Hildegard!”


  1. Chris, thanks so much for all you do, and I hope your well-deserved day off was fruitful.

    Airmung, prayers for you are being sent.

    Let's hope that hoppyclopter is for the hunters, and is coming to whisk them away and leave E&L alone to get home!

  2. Good things come in small packages! Really great chapter.