11 August, 2011

Comments from 10 Aug

I’m heading out in a while here and will be gone for a few days, so the next chapter should come either late Saturday night, or Sunday. Thank you all so much for reading, and for participating in the discussion through your comments! Much appreciated, as always.


AlaskaSue said...
This was a really, really good write up of Einar's struggle - that continual slog where nothing but his own grit and stubbornness and a large helping of determination can get him down that hill. The part where he picked up his legs with his hands was poignant -- and the last sentences were what really got me; to sum it up saying it would be a fine night! Really shows the depth of his character and why I like and admire him so much.


Sometimes you’ve just got to be willing to do what it takes, for as long as it takes, and when you get to the end of that--even just a temporary end, a temporary reprieve--everything just looks like an incredible, unbelievable blessing!

Kathy/LADY KAYDEE said...
A fine night indeed! Warm,safe,and out of the wind. Hot rocks and a dry hide....life is good!

So very good!

Anonymous/EdD270 said...
Everything is relative. In EA and Liz's situation, a warm fire and dry bed certainly make for a fine night.

Isn’t that for sure? Sometimes just having a dry place to sleep, a little food to eat and the absence of people actively hunting you can make for the best night imaginable…

Anonymous/philip said...
have not posted for a while, in fact so busy with ~small beginnings~ I have fallen asleep, in the middle f reading!

Just wanted to say thank you.... No Star system here, so:

Star, Star, Star, Star, Star, Star, Star…

Thanks for the stars, Philip, and for reading, even if you do fall asleep in the middle, sometimes!

I’m glad to hear you’ve been busy setting up your new home--hope it is going well!

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