05 August, 2011

Comments from 4 August

Anonymous/Meplat said...
Einar, my lad, you knew there was more to be lost than gained in this quest for elk. Oh,well, we just have to hope that luck and pluck pull you through again.

He knew there might be. I guess we’ll see…

Russell H Whyte said...
Einar will pull through. He always does. But what will it cost him this time? Or Liz? Last thing they need is for her to go into premature labour due to stress or overexertion.

No, that’s certainly not what she needs.

Anonymous/Airmung said...
Real bummer of an interruption to a promising elk hunt. Looking forward to the next chapter. How are they gonna weasel their way out of this one??

Airmung, good to see you here!

No, this is certainly not how they wanted that elk hunt to go.

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  1. FOTH, thanks for directing me to your blog. I was afraid it was gone forever. Thanks for finding a way to keep the story going.

    I head out Sunday for another chemo session and greatly appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.

    Best wishes,