19 August, 2011

Comments from 18 August

Nancy1340 said...

“Break time! You ready to stop for a minute and help me eat some of this liver? It’ll never make it back to the cabin, so we might as well eat what we can, now.”

Sounds to me like the left part of it.

Yes, I could have made that more clear. They had no intention of leaving any of the liver, but it does spoil quickly and probably won’t make it all the way back to the cabin on a sunny day like that and remain good to eat, so she was encouraging Einar to eat as much of it as he could, fresh. They took what was left along to eat while traveling, though.

AlaskaSue said...
I was thinking, I wonder if it would be of any benefit if they portaged their burdens like the gold miners did up the Chilkoot Trail. Might not even slow them down a whole lot and would be easier on them both physically, though again, it may be too demanding due to the added climbing and additional mileage.

That probably would be easier on them than trying to carry all the weight at once, but I think in their particular situation, Einar would not like the idea of returning repeatedly to the same area to pick up load after load, if it could be avoided--because it increases the risk of being seen, ambushed, etc.

Thanks for reading--it’s always good to hear from you!

Anonymous/EdD270 said...
Thanks for more great chapters, FOTH. I'm glad EA and Liz had some liver, they need it. Hopefully they brought along some left overs for a snack on the trail. EA desperately needs calories to burn.
Glad Muninn came "home", they need a little air cover for their trip.

That’s for sure! Now if only he could tell them what he sees…

The remaining liver should make a good traveling snack, and yes, Einar does need it. The things he eats don’t seem to be staying with him very long right now, and he certainly would have an easier time of it if he would go on eating regularly.

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