09 August, 2011

Comments from 8 August

Anonymous/EdD270 said…
Thank heaven EA waited and didn't do anything to spoil their nice set up. Now if he'll just be patient and wait for dark, FULL dark, they can slip away quietly in the rain without being seen by Oscar and his partner. They'll be cold, wet, pretty miserable, but still be unlocated, which is the ultimate goal.

Yes it certainly is, and if they can get off that ridge without being seen, they’ll be doing quite well!

Anonymous/Meplat said...
I thought you were about to make another mistake there Einar. But this time it would have been for the right reasons.

One of the most important factors that is bringing down our society in this modern era is the confusion of most men and women about what a man is. Boys are told to grow up and be men. But no one ever tells them what that means. No one tells the girls what a real man is, so they can’t properly discriminate out the boys / young men, they chose to associate with.

Tribal cultures almost universally have a right of manhood. The value, wisdom, and relevance of the various rituals can of course be argued. However, they usually contain elements that require a young man to take a good look inside of himself, and elements that demonstrated his value as a protector and provider.

That is (for the most part, there are some exceptions) quite absent from our modern culture, much to the detriment of young men who must go into life unprepared for what they may have to face.

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  1. also we no longer have a right of womanhood anymore. I think both sexes could benefit from these. It would make it firm within that one was now an adult and expected to act that way. Also I agree many no longer teach what it means to be a man or a woman.