01 August, 2011

Comments from 31 July

Anonymous said...
Muninn. I'm hoping that he's the second best thing, behind Liz, that has taken Einar under his wing.

Seems to be working out very well, so far.

Anonymous said...
In my experience when ravens and some other birds exhibit this sort of behavior it usually means there is a predator on the prowl. I would put my money on a cat, bear, canine, or human over deer, elk, or sheep. But I am sure Einar knows this and will take appropriate precautions.

Yes--the raven’s behavior needs to be taken as much as a warning as anything.

Meplat wrote:

This is RE the preiouse chapter but I am just learing to get a post to work on here

Meplat--No problem about the posting, I know this format tends not to be as user-friendly as a forum setting, unfortunately.

Meplat wrote:
Bears can open a vehicle like a tin can. Not just one of the modern foil and plastic fluff pieces mind you, but a real 1940’s or 50’s truck. I’ve seen it. They are taking at least as much risk of losing an elk or two worth of provisions by walking away from that makeshift cabin for a day or two, as they stand to gain. And Einar may kill himself doing it. He is not thinking clearly.

There is indeed some danger of a bear getting into the cabin, though not nearly as much with the little black bears they have in the area as if they were in grizzly country! The bears up there, though, are not accustomed to humans (which is when bears get really dangerous--losing their fear of the human scent) and will not tend to be terribly bold with the cabin until Einar and Liz have been away for a good while and their scent fades. The longer they’re gone, the greater the danger does become.

Meplat wrote:
Liz needs to tell Einar that she refuses to put their child in danger by starting into an alpine winter with a man bent on killing himself. She needs to make it clear that unless he gets his PTSD under control she will have to walk out to Susan’s before the snow flies in earnest, and take Kilgore up on his relocation offer. It’s not right, I know she signed on for better or worse, but the child must come first, and sometimes there is no clear honorable choice in life.

I don’t even know what to say to you there…


  1. No need to say anything. I’m just stirring the pot. Trying to wake up the troops. Hummm.... Is that trolling? ;)


  2. Excellent chapter. I believe they both know what is going on, the risks and rewards; yes he may need to work at healing as much as she needs to prepare for the new little one; but they need to do it together. I would not be in favor of her walking out at this point in time; I believe they are right where they need to be....
    Keep up the great story, and let's get back to some cliff hangings again....
    God bless