18 August, 2011

Comments from 17 August

Nancy1340 said...
Hopefully Muninn showing up is a good sign.

Shame they weren't able to salvage the marrow from the bones as well as all of the liver.

They took the remainder of the liver with them, along with the heart and a few other things Liz salvaged from the gut pile. It is a shame about the bones, would have been good to be able to boil them for broth and eat the marrow, but it just didn’t work out, this time. They’ve got plenty of bear bones waiting for them at home, though!

colspt said...
Very good FOTH, now get them home safely. Thanks for another chapter.

Thanks for reading!

Russell H Whyte said...
they still have to make it home, but it's looking good for them.

I just hope they don't leave an obvious trail.

Wouldn’t be good if the elk survey crew saw something that caught their attention…

Anonymous/Meplat said...
Ienar is starting to think of Liz & the baby more and more in his personal decisions. That is a good thing. Perhaps the birth of little snorri. Will be the pivotal event that frees him from his past. Only a good woman can do that for a man.

Don’t know about that, but I expect the birth is certainly going to give him a deeper understanding of his duties in regards to the two of them.

Anonymous/philip said...
Miss Cleo was amused at the error in Gender, saying "Mrouuuuw, ReeeOoow, snort". I think if was a reference to the writers abilities as an Naturalist.... I told her that you had NO abilities to see her massive (and furry) paws, meant for hunting in the snow, nor could you see her changing into her Winter Coat, but she was happy to hear that Einar would look at her Magnificent Winter Fur, with envy...

Oh, no! I’ve offended the cat! (Who sounds somewhat like a lynx or bobcat with those massive, furry paws…) Please tell Miss Cleo that I meant no offense at all by mistakenly calling her a “him.”

On tract with the taking of one Bill E. Goat, the description of eating the liver reminded me of the FAR Northern Ancestors of the American Indigenous population... scarfing up the delicious fresh Livers of recent kills, there must truly be an enormous level of Iron & other minerals done that way... and in their present conditions BOtH Einar & Liz could have eaten that liver, under less tenuous conditions.... I can just about visualize those red blood cells from the liver working on healing Einar, in his depleted state he is in...., how Munion does NOT carry E off to the tree is some what a humorous mystery to this one....

Yes, tons of iron when the liver is eaten that way--and it's very tasty, also!--just what Einar needs, I expect, and will help get Liz ready for the birth and any blood she may lose then, too.

As for Muninn, I don’t think he’ll be carrying Einar off to a tree anytime soon, but he may put him off balance and send him tumbling to the ground one of these times if he continues to land unannounced on his shoulder!

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  1. This:

    “Break time! You ready to stop for a minute and help me eat some of this liver? It’ll never make it back to the cabin, so we might as well eat what we can, now.”

    Sounds to me like the left part of it.