01 September, 2011

Comments from 30/31 August

Anonymous/EdD270 said…
Poor Lizzie, what a dose of reality, like a splash of ice cold water in the face. Got to stay in touch with reality, though. When you go to thinking your dream is reality, that's when Murphy and Darwin gang up on you.

Yes, got to watch out for that…

Kathy/LADY KAYDEE said...
Liz is a very strong woman but needs some sense of security in her life. Just knowing Einar is eating more and staying warm will help her a lot.

Didn't Bud leave them a nice warm sleeping bag?

He did leave them the sleeping bag he was carrying on his visit there that past summer. Not a 0 degree bag I wouldn’t expect and not as warm as their bearskin blankets, but certainly better than nothing if they have to leave in a hurry and travel light!

apple said...
If I'm honest I hate when there isn't a chapter waiting for me to read when I log on in the morning, BUT I appreciate that life goes on outside of the web sooooooooooooo
I forgive you lol lol :-P
30 August, 2011

Nancy1340 said...
I agree with Apple and really appreciate how regulary you do post a chapter.

Thanks! I try to post a new chapter every day or so, but there are times when it’s just not possible. I appreciate you all reading, and your comments.

Kellie said...
I hope it has been busy is all good ways!

Yes, mostly good.

Anonymous/EdD270 said...
Oh, yeah, sure, FOTH. Get the Jeep running and leave us all in the lurch.
Enjoy your time, weekend, whatever, and be safe. Say hay! to EA and Liz for us.

These past two days were work, not wandering in the hills…wandering will come this weekend!

Anonymous/philip said...

My day, this day:

Philip, that sounds like a very busy day. Glad you’ve found a place to park your new home!

1 comment:

  1. I was officially approved today, and My space is under a large wonderful shade tree, for summer time!

    A southern Exposure unblocked for my Solar Panels, I will be plugged into the SUB (utility board) for electricity, but I will only run my Refrigerator from it.... And laptop, unless I see a nice quality inverter, that does not use much juice to run from batteries.... Propane cooking....

    Home Sweet Home.

    in HIM,