04 September, 2011

Comments from 3 Sept

colspt said...
Wow! FOTH, ever think of giving us two chapters in one day?

Thought about it a time or two, but usually come to the conclusion that, nah, better save it for tomorrow!

AlaskaSue said...
Whew! That's some nightmare hike! But it had to be done, there was no way Einar could do enough to bring Liz back to health up there alone, and the decision to get to Susan, made in necessary haste, was obviously his only option -- or so it would appear. His strength of will got them where they needed thru super-human effort for which he will pay - with time for his own much-needed healing I hope! Oh to see them both restored to health and re-equipped for winter....not a propitious time to lose that boot!
Most excellent chapter; but now we will see just how long we can hold our collective breath......

Won’t have to do it for long…here’s the next chapter (which may or may not help…)

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous/Philip said...
In my life in the woods, I have known many who were called Mountain Men, indeed, I wore that title once, but of those I knew, including this one writing, I know of maybe one, who could actually pull off his event of this latest chapter.

That is why I can read this so DEEP, I know these men really exist.

Thanks, Philip. I think we’re all capable of a lot more than we know, it’s just that many of us never get the chance (a mixed blessing, for sure!) to find out…

I awoke, forty minutes ago. my CPAP machine had STOPPED. my panic time for that event is maybe fifteen seconds total on the outstretch, more like 8-10 seconds. pitch dark, no flashlight, memories returned to RVN.

THAT CALMED ME DOWN! Heh, if I could climb telephone poles, in black out, and repair wires like I was blind folded... reconfiguring battery power in ~small beginnings~ should be a walk in the park!

“That calmed me down…” Ha! Yeah, when you’ve already been through the worst and back, what’s a little power outage, even if it does interfere with your nighttime breathing?!

Glad you got the battery issue figured out, so that hopefully won’t happen again.


Ok folks, now is my time to go wandering, so there may not be another chapter for a few days. Thanks as always for reading, and for the comments/discussion.

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