23 September, 2011

Comments from 23 September

Nancy1340 said...
Thanks FOTH

Thanks for reading!

EdD270 said...
Thanks for the chapter, FOTH. I was thinking EA could use aspen bark for the roof. However, I was thinking of using bark from the smaller trees and alternating them, like Spanish tile, so their being "curley" wouldn't matter, but would help. Sounds like he's going to make flat shingles, though.

I (Einar? Maybe both of us…) thought about that, since the outer bark is a lot sturdier than the inner, but decided that as much as they have to do, it would be quicker to use the inner bark and make flat shingles, since it would take a good bit of time to place and overlap the “curly” ones. But that might be a project for the coming summer, if they’re still in the same location…

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