22 September, 2011

Comments from 21 September

EdD270 said...
There you are...the first roof leak of the season. If nothing's so bad it can't get worse, then certainly when things are going great is when bad things will happen.
Pardon my pessimism. I know, I know, anyone can be an optimimist, but it takes experience to create a cynic. Well, I have experience.
Thanks for a great chapter, FOTH. I'm looking forward to the other site, I need to activate yet. You going to post pics of EA and Liz making cordage, harvesting nettles, setting snares, etc.?? I know they are camera shy, but thought with your close relationship with them you could swing it. lol

Not sure what Liz thinks about cameras, but Einar’s way too camera shy to allow himself to be photographed like that, plus he’s one ugly critter, and I don’t know that anyone would want to see him! But he doesn’t seem to mind too much having his hands in photos, as he demonstrates how to do one thing or another.

Kellie said...
did they ever fix that hole the limb was down in to the water barrel?

They found it so handy for filling the water barrel that they never have fixed it…but probably ought to now, with winter almost there!

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