12 September, 2011

Comments from 11 September

Thanks FOTH. Good to see E listening to Liz now and then. LOL

He knows she’s right most of the time… Acting on it can be another matter!

philip said...

At 1:15 my daughter called letting me know my youngest Grand child, Forrest, age 8++++ broke his left elbow.

Philip, still praying for Forrest, for your daughter and for you as you go there to help them out.

colspt said...
Prayers said Philip.

Thanks for the new chapter FOTH. I am so glad Einar decided not to take on the wolverine in the dark with a spear. Sounds like some good sense is finally getting through his thick skull. Now I'd like to see a good appetite latch on to him and get some padding back on his battered bones.

Can't wait to read more.

Yes, probably best to leave that particular challenge unmet, much as he would have liked to try and corner the critter…

As for Einar’s appetite, I don’t really think that’s his problem--he’s hungry, but needs to just go ahead and convince himself to eat.

practicalman45 said...
Thanks for all your postings, Chris. I've been getting them as emails, and reading your posts in my emails, so am rarely here to comment. Just to let you know I'm reading every day and very appreciative. Thanks again.

Glad the emails are working for you. Thanks for reading!

EdD270 said…
Phillip, our prayers go up for your grandson and daughter to heal up properly and have peace in their hearts. I know from experience that prayer works.
thanks for great chapters, FOTH, and the beautiful pics. Makes me homesick for the Colorado mountains.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures; hopefully you can get back up here sometime and re-visit some of your favorite places in these mountains.

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