07 September, 2011

Comments from 6 September

Grant said...
I hate nightmares. I haven't had a nightmare since I have been a believer. I believe that the scripture in the epistle of John which states "perfect love casts out fear, for God is love" really does apply.
Maybe I am the exception rather than the rule, but that is how I see the situation.
Psalms:121:1: I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

Grant, I’m glad He gave you peace in that way by taking away the nightmares. Doesn’t work that way for everyone. Each of us has a different “thorn in the flesh,” and for some, that one is ongoing.

colspt said...
Wow, it was just a dream but it seemed so real.(lol) Anyway, what a relief I'm glad they are having a day of peace.

I didn't read your last comment about wandering until today and glad everything is good with you FOTH. Thanks for the new chapter.

Thanks for reading!

Nancy1340 said...
Well that's better. I won't have to put out a hit on you after all. LOL

Oh, now that’s a relief…

And I didn’t even know I was supposed to be worrying!

EdD270 said...
Thanks, FOTH, for another great chapter. What a relief, had me going for a spell there. I should know, by now, but never sure.
Glad you got some wandering time in, hope all went as well as possible.

Yes, thanks, the wandering went well, and I’ll be taking off again on Friday for a couple of days.

AlaskaSue said...
Oh! You got me good...and made me laugh out loud too! Whew! Poor Liz but I'm so glad it was not real. ~

Yes, me too! That would have been a very difficult situation for both of them, and I’m sure Einar would have done all he could to make things right for Liz and the baby, but hopefully things wouldn’t have come out exactly like that!

Meplat said:


Got me! Hook line and sinker! And I should have been on guard. You have done this sort of thing before. You are as slippery as that old mountain goat you write about. BTW, how do we know this is not a dream and Sept 4th the reality? You got me so confused I don't even know if I am awake myself.

Thanks, I’ll take the “slippery mountain goat” comparison as a compliment…

As for which is dream and which reality--guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Russell H Whyte said...
that was cruel, underhanded and downright sneaky. In other words, I'm impressed! I really love the way you include the mental aspect of a harsh existence in the wilds - makes the story that much more intense.

Well, that is a very important aspect that people need to plan and train for just like the physical aspects--skills, knowledge, etc--so it’s got to be part of the story. Thanks for reading!

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