17 September, 2011

Comments from 16 September

Russell H Whyte said...
Einer's state worries me - he's not one to roll around laughing. Oxygen deprivation maybe? Or is he so badly undernourished that the liver he ate gave him a boost a normal person would get from a couple of cans of RedBull?

Well, it sure doesn’t take much to put a person in that state when they’ve been without for long enough. So it may be a combination of things.

EdD270 said...
Seasonal joy I call it. I, too, feel much better, happier, in the fall than in the other seasons. The crisp days and chilly nights wake up my senses and put joy in my heart. I can relate to what EA is experiencing, so very well described by his biographer, FOTH.
Sounds like Bud may be smitten by Cupid's dart. Good on him and Susan.
Makes me wonder, though, what ever became of "the other Bill", the mysterious nightime visitor who'd leave his boonie hat calling-card on a bush near Susan and Bill's house? Where's he get all those hats, anyway? I can't help but think he's lurking around there somewhere, silently watching, studying, evaluating, waiting for Susan or someone near her to need his unique skills to help them out of a tough spot.

Yes, this is a special time of year--feels like the whole world is sharp and vivid and wide awake and about to be made new, and I love the slanting light that only comes in spring and fall, but is somehow most special in the fall as the cold weather returns…

As for the “other Bill“…he keeps his own schedule, and comes and goes like a shadow. We may hear from him again at some point, and may not.

Thank you all for reading, and for your comments! Much appreciated.

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