08 September, 2011

Comments from 7 September

philip said…
Well done, And DONE Well.... when was that last time you caught us off guard?

I say BRAVO!

It takes extremely crafty writers, to write crafty stuff...


Thanks, Philip! This one took a lot of planning, hope nobody’s too mad about it… :)

suvalley said...
I just stumbled onto this amazing story a few days back, and have been nailed to the screen, reading, for many hours ;)

So....where is the sauna? (Yes, I know-heat signature and so forth, but surely an enterprising man like EA can craft a solution?) And, when will Liz's raging hormones line out the wild man?

As another Alaska fan, I applaud your descriptions of cold, wet, and miserable :)

Glad you found the story, and we'll all look forward to your comments!

Maybe they'll have time to think about a sauna/sweat lodge type of setup later during the winter--but Liz may have to be the one to suggest the idea, as Einar doesn't generally care too much for being warm...

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  1. freedom of the Hills wrote:

    "Thanks, Philip! This one took a lot of planning, hope nobody’s too mad about it… :)"

    philip says:

    "anyone who is ~too mad~ about it, can have their choice":

    1, One Night in the bamboo, next to Einar, but real life, not his dream about it...
    2, Two nights in the cave that Einar crawled through to escape the ~team~ chasing him...

    or, my favorite.... (well 1 & 3 are a toss up) 3 Nights in the Bear Cave before Einar fixed it up for Liz, (he don' need no luxury comforts like an oven and a chimney)!!!!