02 September, 2011

Comments from 1 September

Anonymous/philip said...
I was officially approved today, and My space is under a large wonderful shade tree, for summer time!

A southern Exposure unblocked for my Solar Panels, I will be plugged into the SUB (utility board) for electricity, but I will only run my Refrigerator from it.... And laptop, unless I see a nice quality inverter, that does not use much juice to run from batteries.... Propane cooking....

Home Sweet Home.

Philip, that sounds great! Glad you got a place with summer shade and winter sun--step by step, your home is coming together.

Kellie said...
I cannot believe Einar did not know one of the best things he could have done for Liz.


a very deep and thorough rubbing of a pregnant womans feet and hands (and legs and arms) helps GREATLY reduce swelling, helps circulation, which in turns moves waste OUT and good stuff IN. It takes about a half hour at least to do a decent job.

This lowers blood pressure/ would help with her head ache if he would gently massage her scalp, neck, shoulders, and gently ...tap... her forehead. It helps release good hormones.

Well, there is a lot Einar doesn’t know about…perhaps that would have helped.

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  1. well it just seemed that it would be something Einar would know based on all I've read about him. sorry.