27 September, 2011

Comments from 26 September

Nancy1340 said...
"Barely even officially winter yet--not that it matters up here, winter starts when it starts--and here you are nearly frozen to death for…what? The third or fourth time? How long do you really think you’re gonna last if you keep this up, Einar? One of these days you’re gonna miscalculate, run out of energy and crash before you make it back to the cabin and then what? You leave your lady and the little one to fend for themselves out here, that’s what. And that’s something you got no right to do, not if you have any choice in the matter. Better find a different solution, different way to do this, better…"

It's about time!!!!
Yes, really it is...

Marcos Eliziário said...
Einar is acting irresponsible and his actions are being utmost egotistical and stupid. His so-called "training" has no rational basis, and is making him less fit to provide his family with the security he is bound to provide as a father. If putting my family at danger, at the same time where I cripple myself to the point of being a burden to others is called survival, I think that I pass on those lessons. In the past, Einar could have been a bit on the paranoid side, and it helped him from time to time, but he is not using judgement adequately. He is insisting on this kind of irrational training knowing very well that this "training" is making him less, not more fit to cope with the challenges that lay ahead.

The training is not irrational, but it is ill-timed. That sort of training has served him very well in the past, and because of this--and the other things that are going on with him--he has an inability at the moment to recognized that he would be better off waiting to resume it. Has come to believe, actually, that only in resuming and maintaining it can he hope to be ready for the winter and all it will bring.

Someone has to make Einar that this is not a friggin game, but that the lives of the people he claims to love are at stake because he is acting like a pampered rebel kid. Grow up man, or next time, I will make sure you'll think of Bud kilgore as a gentle and caressing old lady!

Bud Kilgore only survived that particular incident because Einar knows, trusts and respects him. Einar doesn’t know you. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Thanks for reading, Marcos, and you really do make some good points! I'll look forward to hearing from you again.

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