06 September, 2011

Comments from 4 Sept

Thank you all for reading, and for your patience over the last few days.

Meplat says:

Speaking of Susan and Kilgore. If they got together and at some point adopted little snory it would be a way out of the apparent dead end that Einar and Liz have fashioned for themselves. Nomadic hunter gatherers need a nucleolus of at least several people, say, two or three families, to be viable. That is what happened to Ishi.



I don’t think Liz would be at all interested in giving up the baby, despite the undeniable difficulty of raising him/her under their present circumstances.

colspt said...
Hey FOTH, are you okay? No word from you today?

Thanks--I was wandering, and am now back.

Kathy/LADY KAYDEE said...
This is just wrong.…

Yes, it certainly is!

TheFishinMagcian said...
This is a bad situation, in more ways than one! C'mon Einar... Get your mind right! This is no time to be playing out in the snow. Liz, try not to worry about Einar...get yourself back to health for your and the baby's sake. I sure hope that boot Einar lost doesn't get found by the search. I sure hope Susan can keep a low profile and not alert the search team by needing emergency supplies from town.

Oof! Don't leave us on this cliff for too long, FOTH!

Ok, here you go, end of the cliff…

Shalako said... (Comment on 16 March 2011 chapter)
Just finished reading the first two books. FOTH, you have cost me a lot of money. Having been through both mountain and jungle survival training while in the AF, I could relate with the hardship and hunger Einar has endured. It also made me hungry and I've gained a number of pounds while reading.

I hope that "Refuge" will be a bit shorter than "Always Free" and will have chapters. If it needs to be longer, make it another book. Won't hurt my feelings any. (Chapters make it easy to find a stopping place for the night rather than read all night.)

One last thought. The Mountaineer books could be very valuable as Survival textbooks. That's the folder I'm saving my copies in. Keep it up.

Gained a number of pounds?? No...you’re doing it all wrong! You’re supposed to be fasting as you read, in solidarity with Einar and to further your own training…

Or not.

Thanks for reading, and I’m glad you find the stories useful and informative, especially considering your experience in some of these areas.

As for Mountain Refuge…I’m afraid it is longer than the last book…

Probably ought to have split it up.

You requested chapters, and the story is divided into sections for convenient reading, even though they’re not labeled as chapters.

Thanks again!

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