16 September, 2011

Comments from 15 September

Kellie said...
sometimes I get a lot done at night. never did skin a wolverine though. lol!

Oh, no? :D

TheFishinMagician said...
Don't they ever worry about fleas and ticks from the freshly killed animal pelts?

Ticks are an occasional problem--though not this late in the year; they’re all gone by the time it starts getting cold--but they’re up way too high to have to worry about fleas. The only fleas up here are the “snow fleas” (Hypogastrura nivicola, actually a species of springtail that eat rotting leaves, etc, and not true fleas) that you sometimes see where elk and deer have walked, in the winter, and they don’t bite.

Kathy/LADY KAYDEE said...
Liz needs to take real good care of his nasty scratches...if he lets her.
Maybe he'll make little Snorri a necklace of claws like his.

How do they get the stink out of the hide?

The tanning process--braining, scraping and especially smoking--will get most of that wolverine smell out.

Yep, a necklace of claws, or perhaps just a single claw, until the little guy’s old enough to earn more for himself, ought to be a good thing for the baby. Even if she turns out to be a girl. :)

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