21 September, 2011

Comments from 20 September

Thanks for another chapter, and for starting the other site for us to read the saga of Einar and Liz. I've just now registered, but of course have not heard back yet. No biggie, I'll read it here, and on the other sites as well.
Somehow, eating wolverine sounds,... well...just wrong. I guess you eat what you have, though. I've eaten some strange things in my years, wouldn't want to again, but I guess I could if I had to.

I’m sure you could… Einar doesn’t have a problem with eating wolverine, but Liz seems to prefer just about anything else, if given the choice!

Sorry you’re having trouble with the other site. I see that you’re still listed as “not activated” over there, so I wonder if there’s something you need to do to activate your account? Did you get an email about it? Hope the difficulty can be resolved soon.

Nancy1340 said...
Thanks FOTH.

Thanks for reading!

Kellie said...
a person who is anorexia; can and will convince themselves they are fat, even when they weigh 88 pounds. E has convinced himself he can still "condition" his body despite the fact he is no where in the shape he was in when he COULD condition his body. He has convinced himself he is fine. just like a person who suffers from anorexia, he is lying to himself. And that is a great lesson for us: we should nevrer lie to ourselves. If we really cannot do something, we should not pretend we can. We need to either LEARN to do it or get some help. OR figure a different way.

Einar doesn’t know any other way.

But I’m pretty sure he does know he’s not fat…in fact, he’d be doing pretty well to get back up to 88 pounds, I do believe, and he knows it. But seems compelled to go on pushing himself, seeing just how close he can bring himself to the limits, and still endure.

As for what he can and cannot do--the day he allows himself to believe that he can’t do the things he needs to do is probably the day he’s going to die. Sometimes you just have to do the best you can with what you’ve got, and in Einar’s case I guess that means having a mind that works against him, at times. But he gets by.

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