20 September, 2011

Comments from 19 September


A new place to read and discuss the story of Einar and Liz, as well as some of the knowledge and skills that are relevant to their lives up in the hills.

It is my hope that the new format will be more conducive to discussion of the story, as well as allowing you, the readers, the opportunity to share your own knowledge on related topics. Here's the link, hope to see you over there!

I will continue to post the daily chapters here on the blog, as well, but hope many of you will find your way over to the new site, too, and join the discussion.

Thanks, as always, for reading!


EdD270 said...
Thanks for a great chapter, FOTH. Glad to see EA's getting back into training. A little late, but he should be OK, as long as Liz is around to rescue him.

Yep, he needs that training, even if it is late.

Kellie said...
E is really sounding like an anorexia

Well, I’m not really sure what that sounds like, but I’m sure Liz would be happy if he’d eat more.

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  1. a person who is anorexia; can and will convince themselves they are fat, even when they weigh 88 pounds. E has convinced himself he can still "condition" his body despite the fact he is no where in the shape he was in when he COULD condition his body. He has convinced himself he is fine. just like a person who suffers from anorexia, he is lying to himself. And that is a great lesson for us: we should nevrer lie to ourselves. If we really cannot do something, we should not pretend we can. We need to either LEARN to do it or get some help. OR figure a different way.