15 September, 2011

Comments from 14 September

AlaskaSue said...
Thank you for two really fun, enjoyable, interesting, enlightening chapters! Been getting ready for a trip up to Denali this weekend and just got caught up here. Fall is here with that crisp bite to the air that lets you know it means business, bright yellows and reds against the green backdrop of spruces. And I know just how Einar felt, well, I can imagine anyway, thinking about that life-giving breath of fresh, cold air that comes with new snow! Was glad to see Einar stop to see what was bugging him before he went inside, glad that his trap has a chance to catch that very valuable wolverine, and hope it works! Thank you for the chapters, wonderful reading as always!

Sounds beautiful up there right now--one of the best times of the year. Enjoy your trip to Denali!

colspt said...
Glad Muninn didn't get snagged. Yea, keep feeding Einar, Liz. Guilt him back to health. Now if the wolverine will be good and just get into the trap without a fight, baby needs new clothes.

Thanks again FOTH for some good chapters. You write so well I can almost feel the cold air and see the bright moonlight.

Thanks. : )

And yes, that wolverine hide sure would help keep the baby warm, later in the winter!

Nancy1340 said...
It's so good to read a calmer story for a while. Excitment is good now and then but a steady diet of it is stressful even if it's "only" a story. LOL

Liz thinks so too--she would probably prefer things stay calmer. Sometimes, Einar is not so sure…

EdD270 said...
Thanks, FOTH, for a couple of great chapters. I enjoy reading about EA & Liz's coming up with solutions to their needs using the materials at hand.
It's getting that time of year here, too. Days cooler and nights much cooler. Lots of rain lately, too, finally, not the pretty spring and summer rains, but the cold drizzley fall rains. Really looking forward to the first snow fall. I enjoyed EA's description of the moonlight on the snow, I could almost see it. I understand Colorado is getting their first snow tonight. Lucky you.

Glad you’ve been getting lots of rain after your hot, dry summer. Yes, definitely cooler here, frost up high last week where I was spending the night, snow on some of the peaks last Wednesday, and then again

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