20 July, 2011

Trying something different...

I'm going to try something a little different this time. One of the reasons I write is to get people discussing the subject matter, skills problems and questions presented by the story, and that's a bit more difficult to do that in a blog format like this. So today I'm going to see how it works to bring the past day's comments up here into their own post, for discussion. If it works I'll keep doing it, if not, will go back to answering comments in the comment section after each post, and if anyone has ideas on how to make it easier for you, the readers, to engage in discussion in this format, please do let me know.

Nancy1340 said...

With the way Eimar is not taking care of himself it's getting to a point of not being brave, it's being irresponsible at least. Stupid comes to mind also.
Part of doing what you have to do to survive is to take care of yourself. He's putting Liz, the baby and himself in danger

He does seem to have lost sight of that fact somewhere along the way, and needs to recognize it once again.

Kellie said...

I can so see myself making some (not the same probably, but then again......maybe yes) mistakes if I were struggling to care for a loved one (or two) and feeling the pressure of time running out. I think you are portraying Einar to the extreme but then again, you've mentioned it numerous times THAT IS THE POINT. Make Einar suffer so that WE can LEARN! And we can definitely learn from his mistakes and muddled mind.

Yes, that is part of the point--to learn from his mistakes and difficulties. Thanks for reading!


  1. Love the idea; so here are my comments and thoughts. Putting myself in Einar's position: there are times he does have the thought surface and he doubts he is doing the right thing (aka: starving himself and pushing himself too hard) but then he will squash that idea. I do not think he feels it is necessary. It's like "yes I am hurt and half starved but let me see just how far I can be hurt and not eat and STILL do extreme things to my body".

    Yes to go out in the 'wilderness' one does need to be in shape. (key word: IN SHAPE; not starved) And it seems to me that if Einar was eating better (they seem to have a nice supply of food right now) he would begin to think clearer and realize that one must eat to be healthy enough to get more food. He is MORE likely to get those last few elk (maybe even another bear?) IF he is healthier. Think about it, all his kills have been mostly the best circumstances for him to get the kill IN HIS CONDITION. In other words, the only reason he got them is because of all the exact events that lent to his lack of health. So if any one thing had not be exactly as it was, would he have even made the kill? or been able to retrieve the meat?? I don't think so. If Einar was healthier (eating better), then when the prey was found, he would have more "plans of attack" to draw from.

    am I making any sense? lol! I can see it all, but sometimes it's hard to put into words.

    ok, I'll shut up now and see who else has what to say. :D

  2. Anonymous20 July, 2011

    One of the things I've been shown, is that if someone doesn't take enough care of themselves to keep going well they risk taking the whole team down with them.

    Einar should be thinking about that.

    FoTH, btw, I tried a few times to sign up for the blog but it gives me fits. gmail. gah.

    -Captain Caveman

  3. I miss the flexibility of forum posting but you seem to have hit on a good compromise for your blog. I like how you did this for comment and reply. Thank you!

  4. Interesting about the raven befriending Einar. Those are powerful omens in native spirit world.