29 July, 2011

Comments from 28 July

colspt said...
If Einar doesn't trust Liz enough now to talk to her he never will.

I know he is injured and mixed up in the head but his actions continually put Liz and the baby in danger.

Liz was wondering how Einar could possibly carry half an elk on his back and I was wondering how Liz would be able to carry Einar back to the cabin.

If one of them isn't able to wise up the other one better.

Doesn’t have anything to do with not trusting her. There are some things he simply has a hard time wanting to talk about, or finding the words to express.

But no, it would definitely not be good at all if she ended up having to carry him back to the cabin…

Kellie said...
Looks like someone is about to have a real discussion. Being in the wild, if you have someone with you, I would think that both would have to be able to completely trust and cooperate with each other; but one would have to be the "leader" to make final decisions, etc. just makes sense to me. But if the leader is not "quite right" either because they are either pushing the other too hard or dangerously or pushing THEMSELVES too hard or TOO DANGEROUSLY; then it is the responsibility of the other to step up and "make the truth known". I think Liz is about to do that. Unfortunately, it took Bud some real physical action to get Einar to actually LISTEN and think about SOME of what he said; Liz cannot do that (even with her rabbit stick). So now putting myself in BOTH Einar and Liz's shoes (so to speak) how would I handle it from each view. I'm trying to put myself in both their mindsets also, not just being "me" in "them" but actually try to think like them and how could I "fix" things while still in character.

That must be an interesting exercise…watch out--if you start thinking like Einar, you might not be able to stop!

Yes, Bud was able to get his attention for a number of reasons, and Liz probably wouldn’t be able to do the same thing, nor would it be a good idea for her to try. She’ll just have to do her best with talking, and hope he’ll understand what she’s trying to say.

So, when you put yourself in “their shoes," what did you come up with?

Nancy1340 said...
So are we going hunting today or not ?

Well, that’s what Einar keeps wondering! He’s ready to go!

Kathy/LADY KAYDEE said...
A while back I told you about my nephew and his wife with the hunting show on tv. Well, here is a link to the latest episodes. I wouldn't put a link on the other site,for fear of it being improper.


Thanks for showing us that! It’s great that the two of them can travel around and make a living doing what they love to do.

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