25 July, 2011

Comments from 24 July

Anonymous said...
I hear about people using a skid to drag stuff.. (two poles about 28 inches apart, with a plat of sorts in between - one end is carried) (can't think of the right name sorry).

In that terrain I don't think it would be useful tho. Here in Kentucky the tail end skids right over many obstructions (deadfalls, etc..), and is NOT prone to sliding backwards (which is useful!).

Of course, if they had time to whittle a couple of 6" wheels - now that might start to help some.

What's a typical degree of incline there anyway (that they cut routes on)?
My hunting terrain (a river valley) varies from 20-40 degrees incline typically, with some places being maybe 60. That's all I travel anyway.


Slopes up there will vary from 30-65 and even steeper, but by picking their routes carefully, they can usually keep off the especially steep stuff. Still, the skid would tend to be more trouble than it’s worth because of the trouble you mentioned with deadfalls and other obstructions. Not even wheels would overcome that difficulty.

Kellie said…
question for anyone: you are in a plane crash in the wilderness and only grab one thing (not a BOB) as you escape the plane about to blow up.... what would it be?

and think about how much knowledge you need to have to use it to its most advantage
Nancy1340 said...

A gun will run out of ammo but a knife will let you make shelters, weapons, tools and containers.

That is a good choice, with a tarp/sheet of plastic of some sort being a very close second, because the weather can kill you pretty quickly depending on the circumstances, and shelter from it can be a very high priority.

Anonymous said...
WOW ! I was so depressed thinking I would not be able to continue this great story. Just found this link today. Bless you FOTH !

Does Kathy have a link to her stories and could it be provided?

Keep up the good work!

Hi--not sure who you are, but glad you found the story here! Please feel free to read and join in on the discussion.

I believe links to Kathy’s stories can be found here:


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