31 July, 2011

Comments from 30 July

Kellie said…
it was scary to think I would actually be putting my loved one in danger when I was attempting to keep them from danger.

giving my life for my loved one, I would not hesitate but it would be selfish to purposely harm myself to the point of death because I am attempting to prove something to myself about myself.

slipping into a mindset of Einar with all his faults still showed a huge amount of love for Liz but just some misguided notions and assumptions. He just has not yet (even though he may think he has) put Liz and the baby first in his life.

Liz has her faults also, she does not nag, which is not a fault but expressing her concerns would not be nagging and she seems to think it would be.

Now to see if she will put the baby before Einar or if she will still put Einar and his feelings first. Will be interesting.
I think Einar would find it scary too, to think he could be putting his loved ones in danger when attempting to protect them. That is certainly not his intention. As for putting Liz and the baby first, he certainly thinks he is doing that, but may still be missing some of what that means.

It would not turn out well, I don't think, if Liz were to start nagging him, but I do suppose it might have some kind of impact if she were to be more direct about her concerns, from time to time. Might at least start a useful conversation.

Nancy1340 said...
I bet we all know some really intelligencent people that aren't very smart. LOL

Hope you're having a great day off. Thanks again.

Thanks, and thanks for reading.

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  1. Anonymous31 July, 2011

    Nancy1340 said...
    I bet we all know some really intelligencent people that aren't very smart. LOL

    Just a side note:intelligence versus ~smart~ I have a friend in my Bible Study... IQ is in the 2 digit range, most likely 867/-3... I would prefer him by my side, due to his Street Smart, than some PHd's I have known, and I have known many.

    intelligence is considered, from a test designed for knowledge of very limited areas, example NOT tested: how to start a fire. ~oops~ the first time PHd's does not have a match, etc, in his pocket. see what I mean?