23 July, 2011

Comments from 22 July

Kellie said...
It seems that their trap line has not been worked in awhile, is it just me? or did I miss them removing it? And if they did, is it not time to put it out again? Liz seemed to do well checking it. I know they will be going after some elk in a day or two (only one if Einar has his way, I'm sure, lol). But after they get back with their elk and sheep...lol! dreaming aren't I? And it's almost time for acorns too. wow, still so much to do and not a lot of time: but they must make that nice stone cache soon! thanks!

They’ve let the trapline go since getting this latest bear and Einar hurting his ribs--just haven’t had any time to get out there, but that will change as soon as they’ve finished processing this meat, and hopefully returned with an elk or two! It’s getting into the season when there will be good fur again on the martens and ermines that will prove very useful to them, as well as the meat.

Yes, it’s almost acorn time down in the valley, if they’re going after them. Einar may be reluctant to do it because of the greater chance for human contact down in those valleys (it’s still hunting season…) but two backpacks full of acorns would certainly add some good protein and fat to their winter food supply.

Nancy1340 said...
Well it looks like Muninn’s going to be handy to have around.

I like this twist very much.

Yes, it seems he will be a good addition to the family.

Kathy/LADY KAYDEE said...
All caught up. Great chapters as always.
Love the pet raven. Now if Einar will eat
more than the bird and quit "SKINNY" dipping, he might make it. LOL

Glad you’re all caught up! Hope things went well with your week at your BOL.
Yes, I guess Einar really ought to be trying to eat more than the raven does, but as far as the… cold training…as he calls it, Liz may be hard pressed to talk him out of continuing with it, even before he does manage to gain a little weight.

Russell H Whyte said...
Great job, as always :-)

Curious how they're going to bag an elk given Einar's current condition.

Also worried since we haven't heard anything about those feebees in a while - what sort of troubles are they conjuring up now?


Feds are probably working on their plan for the fall and winter--increased surveillance hoping to pick up tracks in the snow and other signs of human presence, night flights with infrared cameras, perhaps even trying to hire hunters to be on the lookout for anything “suspicious…”

Glad you found the story here, Russ!

As for how they're going to take the elk...Einar would have a difficult time using a bow right now, I think, but he should do alright with the atlatl, and Liz has become pretty proficient with the bow. Packing it back to the cabin is going to be another matter. I guess Einar thinks he's going to carry half of it...


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  2. No, you put it in exactly the right place. I'm just copying the previous day's comments into a new post before posting the story each day and answering them there, so they're more visible for everyone.

  3. Anonymous24 July, 2011

    That raven, while being a great alarm system on the ground can be a sun catcher from things above. Those gloss black feather really reflect the light if the angle is right. The reflection might be enough to get a plane to take a closer look.

    Ravens, crows and blackbirds also have the ability to "talk" like parrots do. Liz and Einar might want to watch what they say, especially using names.