26 July, 2011

Comments from 25 July

Kellie said...
really some communication needs to be happening more here.... if I was surviving in the wilderness; I would HAVE to have better communication with my partner.

I'm afraid I would not be able to keep my mouth shut as much as Liz has been. And I would feel very worthless if my partner did not trust me enough to TALK with me. Especially about things so very important as "inner struggles".

You’d be doing him a major injustice, I think, by feeling that way. Einar’s inability to share certain things with Liz has nothing to do with her worth, or with any lack of respect for her on his part. In many ways, he trusts her more than he’s ever allowed himself to trust another human being, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily going to be able to express to her some of the things that are going on in his mind, or even that he’s going to realize that there may be a need to do so.

Maybe Liz ought to speak up more, though--it would probably be better than resorting to the rabbit stick…

And I think it will lead to even MORE bad times....like I said, possibly placing Liz AND the baby in harm.

Possibly so. :(

Kellie said...
All that said, this means your writing is GREAT!!! Cause you make me FEEL these characters and make me forget they ARE characters (right?? lol)

Right! Fiction, every word of it. But I’m glad they come across as being so real.

Nancy1340 said...
What Kellie said. :-)

Sometimes I catch myself holding my breath.

Don’t hold it for too long…

Thanks for reading!


  1. you are right, It MIGHT be an injustice to him but Liz (or rather I) do not KNOW it has nothing to do with her, you have penned some of her doubts, like she felt she did something wrong ....right? those are the struggles I talk about. Sometimes it is hard to know WHICH type of struggle he is dealing with because he does not say. I think Liz WOULD speak up more but Einars attitude prevents it because she does not KNOW what he is feeling/thinking..... BTDT

  2. Anonymous27 July, 2011

    Can't seem to get logged in to post this so I'll just do it anonymously.
    I feel that Liz and Einar have come a long way in the communication lines. Liz has learned and knows in her heart when to speak and when not to. I also feel that Einar will open up when and if he's ever good and ready and Liz is patient.

  3. Anonymous27 July, 2011

    oh, that was from me FOTH, Unswydd! lol
    Great Chapter btw. Thanks!