22 July, 2011

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I hope she goes ahead with a "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" moment and Einar sees the logic of strengthening himself. :)

-Captain Caveman

She may need to sit down with the rabbit stick and have a very serious discussion with him, sometime in the near future…

Anonymous said...
you know, I feel odd asking this, because I ~should~ KNOW the answer.... If Liz were to give Einar Mouth to Mouth CPR, while he was in one of the tinge of Blue under the finger nails, etc... but he was Aware, not unconscious, would that help him in the breathing? Am I making sense, or is it my imagination, that she could actually assist him by inflating his lungs, carefully, of course....

who accepts the blogging limitations, because he is so happy (view the happy feet icon here) to read Mountain Refuge!

Philip, yes, it ought to be helpful for Liz to give Einar rescue breaths when he isn’t getting enough oxygen, since his main problem with oxygen right now is related to the fact that his breaths are frequently too fast and shallow to give him adequate air, because of the rib injury.

In an emergency/field situation, conscious patients who are struggling to get enough oxygen can be bagged (with a bag-valve mask) to help them get better oxygenation by adding a little pressure each time they take a breath, which can help them slow their breathing rate and start to do better with getting enough oxygen. A person can even do this on themselves if alert and willing, and it actually works better that way because there is no confusion about when they are about to take a breath…

Einar would have to be willing to cooperate, of course, for this to help him, and that might be the difficult part, as it can be difficult for a person to recognize when they aren’t getting enough oxygen, and he might be resistant.

Thanks for accepting the blogging limitations, by the way.

I’m still working on a solution to them .

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  1. Interesting concept, wonder if they could make a bag-valve mask....

  2. Anonymous22 July, 2011

    I clicked "follow this blog", it automatically sends me Yesterdays Post! that would be good if I were to be "out of touch" for awhile... (I am thinking in the future, pre-OP, during surgery, and post OP) still no date....

    I use a CPAP machine, at night for breathing, rather than continue my sleep apnea. IT IS totally weird, on the few occasions, that power is lost, or un-plugged... although I can use 12 volt to power it.


  3. Philip,

    Sounds like it would take some serious adjustment to be able to sleep with that without feeling like you were trapped, but glad if it helps you.