28 July, 2011

Comments from 27 July

Anonymous said...
Can't seem to get logged in to post this so I'll just do it anonymously.
I feel that Liz and Einar have come a long way in the communication lines. Liz has learned and knows in her heart when to speak and when not to. I also feel that Einar will open up when and if he's ever good and ready and Liz is patient.

oh, that was from me FOTH, Unswydd! lol

Hi, Unswydd.
It does seem that Liz has learned more than Einar when it comes to communicating. He tries, but it simply does not come naturally to him to share the things he may be thinking, all the time.

Nancy1340 said...
I've been wondering how they would secure the door to keep critters out.
It would be heartbreaking to come back only to find it ramsacked and all their good food either gone or ruined.

They’ll need to secure it as well as possible with logs, rocks, make it very difficult for anything larger than a mouse to get in, or they might well come home to a disaster…

Hopefully Einar will try to stay warm and eat more, even if Liz has to keep reminding him.

She is in nesting mode right now and needs to know things will be alright for all three of them.

They can’t read each others minds, so each of them should be asking the other, how can I
help you get through this? What can I do to make your life easier?

I guess that would might to work better than each simply wondering silently what they could do to make the other person’s life easier, though each of them is slowly learning through observation, it seems.

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