21 July, 2011


AlaskaSue said...
I love the Raven hanging out there with Einar ...some of the coolest birds even if they are scavengers. They are very smart and so fun to watch them play!
Thank you for an upbeat and good chapter, looks like Einar's going to be able to accomplish a lot yet keep fairly still, 'cept for working that bear fat log - Sounds like a good plan.

They sure are smart, and very inquisitive, too. I’ve more than once had them come and check me out while I was walking along on a high, desolate ridge, flying along just slightly ahead of me as if they wanted to see what I was, and where I was headed.

Nancy1340 said...
I'm sure if I knew more about Indina folk lore the raven's actions would be clearer. I very much like the raven touch.

Well, Einar is really more Norse by heritage than he is Indian/Native American…

Kellie said...
Love the idea; so here are my comments and thoughts. Putting myself in Einar's position: there are times he does have the thought surface and he doubts he is doing the right thing (aka: starving himself and pushing himself too hard) but then he will squash that idea. I do not think he feels it is necessary. It's like "yes I am hurt and half starved but let me see just how far I can be hurt and not eat and STILL do extreme things to my body".

I guess that may be exactly what he is doing, and if he could understand exactly why, maybe he could stop doing it and focus completely on Liz and the baby, as he ought to be right now.

He must realize that he would be a much more effective predator if he was in better shape, physically, but that realization hasn’t so far been enough to overcome whatever it is making him want to carry on the way he is.

And yes, you were making sense. Thanks, Kellie.

Anonymous said...
One of the things I've been shown, is that if someone doesn't take enough care of themselves to keep going well they risk taking the whole team down with them.

Einar should be thinking about that.

FoTH, btw, I tried a few times to sign up for the blog but it gives me fits. gmail. gah.

-Captain Caveman

Hope you can get it figured out. I haven’t tried it myself, but am wondering if that “join this site” button under the “followers” section might work?

And yes, Einar should be thinking about his place on their “team.”

AlaskaSue said...
I miss the flexibility of forum posting but you seem to have hit on a good compromise for your blog. I like how you did this for comment and reply. Thank you!

Thanks, we’ll try it for a while and see how it works out!


  1. Anonymous21 July, 2011

    Oddly, the email signup worked today. Grumble.

    another great chapter FoTH.

    I hope she goes ahead with a "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" moment and Einar sees the logic of strengthening himself. :)

    -Captain Caveman

  2. Anonymous21 July, 2011

    you know, I feel odd asking this, because I ~should~ KNOW the answer.... If Liz were to give Einar Mouth to Mouth CPR, while he was in one of the tinge of Blue under the finger nails, etc... but he was Aware, not unconscious, would that help him in the breathing? Am I making sense, or is it my imagination, that she could actually assist him by inflating his lungs, carefully, of course....

    who accepts the blogging limitations, because he is so happy (view the happy feet icon here) to read Mountain Refuge!