06 March, 2012

Comments from 5 March

Anonymous said…
Thanks FOTH, looks like a successful rescue has helped slay some of the demons of a long ago failure.


That may be.

Sixfifty said…
Thank you, FOTH, for the wonderful chapters. I am overjoyed to see Einar aware of his condition and willing to start healing himself

He’s probably headed in the right direction, at least. Thanks for reading!

philip checking in....

was off line a whole week from now, due to changing location IN the house.....

I still lack the ability to move back into small beginnings.

More as I know of it...


Philip, I hope things are going alright for you--good to hear from you! Look forward to hearing more soon.

Nancy1340 said…
Nice change in E's attitude. Thanks.

Thanks for reading!

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