13 March, 2012

Comments from 12 March

Anonymous said…
I like where you are going with this part.

Great writing!

Nancy1340 said…
Me too Anonymous. LOL

Thanks FOTH,

Thanks to both of you, and thanks for reading!

Anonymous said…
Great chapter FOTH! Thanks There could be so many things in that stash. Boots, rainwear, a silenced .22 rifle with subsonic ammo, waterproof containers, a couple of pistols for the ultimate emergency, just to name a few. If you want to get crazy a whisper .3,000 would be nice!

Nancy 1340, say high to Bob Roberts for me.

AKA Lobo.

Yep, lots of room in this one for goodies of all sorts. It will be interesting to see…

Anonymous said…

I have an Idea. Before you revieal what is in the drop bag why don’t you have a contest where you ask your readers to name what they would include? You get to be the judge of who took second place. First place will obviously go to the one now down in the meadow.


Sure! Anyone who would like to provide a list of what they think ought to be/will be in there, just go ahead and post it in the comments, or over on the forum.

Thank you all for reading!

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