22 March, 2012

Comments from 21 March

Anonymous said...

Thanks FOTH:

Einar should set out this storm and wait for the next. They have plenty of supplies at the cabin. Would there be a downside to Liz going along? She seems to be recovering nicely from the birthing.


Liz is doing well and would likely have little trouble, herself, with that fairly short walk. Einar probably won’t want her to come though, for a number of reasons. But in this case, may not really be able to prevent her.

Anonymous said…

"a quick breakfast of energy bars, oranges and chocolate" I doubt that if Susan had oranges with her that she would have been able to keep any for herself instead of giving them all to Liz

Oh, Susan would have left everything like that with Liz, but Bud packed his own bag, and would have wanted to make sure his bride had some good things to eat for the hike out.

Nancy1340 said…

Thanks FOTH Mighty good chapter.

Thanks for reading!

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