23 March, 2012

23 March 2012

No chapter tonight, but I'll be back with another tomorrow.

Thank you all for reading!


  1. Say Chris, Two days ago we had 7 1/2 inches of snow, followed the next day by 1 1/2 more.... Now Miss Cleo only stands 8 inches, even with her Poofy Fur ;-) I was wondering if you had a pattern for Snow Shoes, to fit a Medium Wide (really they are wide, but you know women....) Female CAT Snow Shoes????

    Miss Cleo says PuuuuurrrrrLease??


  2. Philip, sounds like you may just need to get her a *Snow Cat!* You know, the vehicle with tracks, only a greatly miniaturized version... Because even if the pattern exists, I can only imagine the scene of havoc and destruction if someone should attempt strapping four little snowshoes to a cat! Most cats I've ever know, at least...maybe Miss Cleo is different!

    Wish you could send some of that snow down this way. March is supposed to be our snowiest month, and instead, everything has turned to mud already.