20 March, 2012

Comments from 19 March

Kellie said…

strange how Einar can make the connection of the parka + baby = warm but not the parka + adult. Instead he thinks he can "toughen himself up" without anything to work with.

Definitely a good chapter! Made me want to shake him up a bit, lol! thanks.

Oh, there are perhaps some places where logic just can’t quite go, for him…

Besides, it’s his job to protect the baby, keep him warm and safe and growing, and he would never think of doing that by setting him out in the snow! But as he sees it, the only way he can keep himself strong and ready to do his job as protector is by constantly asking of himself very nearly more than he’s able to give, stretching his limits and building endurance, and the less he has to work with, the greater that need seems to become.

Nancy1340 said…


Thanks for reading!

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