18 March, 2012

Comments from 17 March

Philip (from 2 March posting) said…

philip here, once again, a rough week.

A Godly week.

Integrity questioned, but that is all right by me.

To be called a thief, but no answer to "what did I steal" is not a Christian way of judging another Christian.

I now live in Cheshire, Oregon, near Eugene.

Internet finally hooked up.... none at all for Fourteen Days.

Glad I have lots to read, the Baby must have doubled in size since I read last, cutting his teeth & walking upright, with a small flint knife.....

Oh, maybe that's next month ;-)


It may be a month or two yet, on that one! But probably not much longer..

I’m sorry it’s been such a rough time for you--humans can be very, very difficult critters to understand and deal with a lot of times, can’t they?--but glad to hear you’ve got settled somewhere better. I hope things go well for you, there

Nancy1340 said...

Hope Sue and Bud make it out safely and hope Einar retrieves the goody package safely and soon.

It is going to be quit a journey for them to get out of there, but they’re working on it…

Anonymous said…

Thanks FOTH:

The only urgency involving the goodie bag I can imagine is critters getting into it, or enough snow melt to expose it.


No great hurry, except now to settle Einar’s curiosity. He knows better than to endanger them by rushing down there when there’s no storm to cover his tracks, though.

Thank you all for reading!


  1. philip is correcting above comment, it was 3/18/12 when I posted that, I have no idea why it said the 2nd.

    Am doing better, but last fridays work was in driving (coastal) rains, 35-45/gusts and I caught a cold... doing small work and big rests, like Einar should be doing ;-)


  2. Glad things are going better for you. I'm sure that cold will soon run its course and leave you alone. As for Einar, he says... "Rest? What is *that??*" :)