15 March, 2012

Comments from 14 March

Good on ya FOTH:

Excellent chapter. One of the great attributes of the human mind is that it naturally protects us by remembering the good and forgetting the bad; or at least sequestering the bad in a place where it does not interfere with our daily functioning, or a reasonable ability to enjoy life. When the mental trauma is so deep and so strong, the mind cannot properly mitigate the pain, and we see people like Einar. His being able to sing along with Bud and enjoy some of the good memories without it triggering the bad is a sign of healing; of keeping the demons in their proper place.


Mike, good points I think--though there never were too many demons for Einar in Rhodesia, really. Strange as it may sound, he went there to get away from them. Guess that didn't work either, in the long run.

Thanks for reading.

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