31 March, 2012

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Philip wrote…

Mike wrote: Mar 29, 2012 02:57 PM


Forgive me for the mistake. What I said stands. Our veterans deserve so much better treatment than they receive. It breaks my heart.

Thank you!

Mike: Nothing to forgive, I have done the same many times at ~another website~!!! Thank you for remembering our Veterans. I am fortunate to be in an area where many Korean War Vets live... It is my belief that they also got a raw deal upon return home...

In fact, we RVN Vets had a country wide Memorial before the Korean Vets had theirs....

Chris, you are of course familiar with the very old adage, "what doesn't KILL us, Makes us Stronger", it was in that light I looked at recent events.

And to provide a safe exit in any future need, TODAY I located a very close by the day/week or Month RV Park, which I can drive to very quickly, if things go wrong here.

My course of action still stands: Preps on ~small beginnings~ is Priority over all else, though rains are stopping repairs. I need sunny & above 60 degrees to repair/seal my roof. all else is secondary....

Well, wish I could send you some of this sunny, 70 degree weather we’ve been having around here the last few days, so you could get your roof sealed! I don’t want this weather, not now, when it’s supposed to be snowing, but it’s what we’ve got…

Glad to hear you’ve looked into options and have a place to go, should you need to move from your current location. Always good to have a backup like that. But, I hope it works out for you to stay there, if it’s a good place for you.

Anonymous wrote...

I don't say this often enough, but thank you for your time and effort you put into this story. It is one constant in an ever-changing world that there will be a post here each evening, and I look forward to it, even if it is a "no chapter today" post.

Yes, even those convey the continuity that you've given us, and I'm pondering what it is besides our gratitude that we can give to you in exchange for such excellent entertainment with very competent teaching embedded in it.

With your writing, you have a talent that is equaled by only a handful of authors throughout history, and I have a hard time bringing myself to believe that my recognition of that is all that you ask in return. IF it is indeed all that you seek, you have that along with my gratitude, and an open-ended offer of 'whatever I can do' to make the ledger balance.


Bill, thank you! I really do appreciate hearing that the story is beneficial to folks. It is humbling to hear that.

As for what you can do--I just want to make sure people have the opportunity and the will to work on personally acquiring and perfecting the skills that will be necessary to stand as free, self-sufficient men and women in these times and the ones to come, and if this story can help in any small way to inspire, encourage or otherwise lead people in that direction, then the time spent writing it is well worth while. Thanks again!

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