30 June, 2012

30 June 2012

I am once again heading out for a week or so to places where there is no internet access (or computers, or electricity or too many other human critters, either, come to think of it...) and so will not be able to post chapters during that time.

Hope you all have a good Independence Day, and maybe get out and put some rounds downrange, practice a primitive skill or two, work in the garden or do something else to help secure your own personal independence and that of your family, because we sure are losing it, as a nation.

Thanks for reading, for your comments and your patience; I should be back most likely next Sunday with another chapter.  


  1. Ah, well, at least Einar's had something to eat. Have a safe holiday.

  2. A week A WEEK we have to wait a whole week?? eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk lol

    Enjoy your solitude

  3. Anonymous03 July, 2012

    Meanwhile, Einar, refreshed from his meal of Sushi Muskrat, hear's ~that sound~ again....

    He STOP's breathing, to hear better, thinking he can distinguish between the throbbing of his heart beat, and the ~noise~ ...

    It sounds like a clock... but deeper.

    Deeper than any clock he has ever heard.

    Remembering to breathe, he slowly inhales, making as little noise as possible, Focusing upon the... ?Drum? Yes, now he realizes the deep ticking is more like a Drum Beat... and he pauses to think.



    Yes, he has heard this before, in the past. Still unsure if the sound is Friend or FOE, he prepares a dart to launch, just in case.

    And the Energizer Bunny comes into view.

    Of Course!

    Of Course! Having seen this first in a dream, it is just as he visioned it,


    Off goes a dart, but the E.Bunny paused, for station Identification.


  4. Anonymous05 July, 2012

    Einar also paused...

    "Station Identification"? Wasn't he always tuned to FOTH? and FOTH had ~never~ paused for a station Identification...

    Ideas ran rampant in his mind. Had he been Hit with another of Bud's Dart's???

    No. Bud had not been around for several Posts, and Einar had Known the prior effects of a dart.... He had not seen Pink Bunnies banging a big drum before, then the thought that a Drone overhead might have spotted him and was beaming him with a covert Hyper secret project, probably in the near Microwave Frequency, he was always nervous about Microwave Ovens, and tried never to be closer than Two Hundred Fifty Meters to one, which kept him from ever eating Oroville Redenbachers Pop Corn, but that was a very miniscule loss, compared to his brain being scrambled by Microwave Energy, besides, the studies were not complete yet if the Popped Corn carried any residue Radiation.

    He quickly saw through the ruse of his thinking, that it was a distraction to the Problem of the Pink Bunny with the Drum.

    I must Silence that Drum, before the Alphabet agencies grew closer and hypnotized him by Singing their Song...

    A, B, C, D, E.F.G. H, I, J, K,L.M.N.O.P. Q, R, S........

    Yes, he had to Silence that darn Drum... X, Y, Zed (thrown in for you North of the Border Folks, who follow the Queen's English, the rest who are reading may read Zee instead).

    Slowly, so as to not disturb the E. Bunny, who had fortunately made a Correct Turn (Left is Evil, Right is Might), Einar slowly approached that Ever Present Energizer Bunny... (don't ~YOU~ hear its Jingle, right/left now)?

    Another Dart prepared, this one tipped with a Quartz Crystal, flaked into a perfect reduction of the Washington Monument, for superior Penetration of any Body Armor the Bunny might be wearing...

    I mean, Really, PINK Fur? it had to be a coat. NO self Respecting Bunny would ever allow his (or her) pelt to be dyed P I N K !

    Now within throwing Distance, Einar composed himself.

    Bow Tie? Straight, properly shaped Bows
    Hair Combed? skip that one, he didn't even have MOOSE (fat) to put in his hair...
    OK, breathing steady, throwing arm cocked.... the Bunny Stopped, for mere Micro-Seconds, and the Dart flies.

    Right through the DRUM! Perfect! I always hated the sound of one Drum Banging, He knew it was an ancient Zen Zone... If one could silence the Sound of One Drum Beating, then One would be able to hear better things.

    The Bunny, a bit more Rouge now, rather than ~just~ PINK, Really it was almost a full on Frenchie ~rage~ looked at Einar, and said.....

    Thank you Friend, I see you came in Piece.


  5. Anonymous06 July, 2012

    ?????? Peas ???? I came in Peas? What is in your Brain, Pink Bunny?

    The Energizer One, said: "No silly, I said Piece" It looks like your missing a Piece or two, or more correctly, a Toe or Two. But you really made my day with that Drum shredding thing, Do you know how irritating its been, all these years, bang after bang after bang"?

    Einar thought for a moment, and muttered under his breath, "the story line is easier when I tune in on F O T H"... I never had to consider that Bunnies beating Drums had feelings"...

    "Hey, you wouldn't have a Copper Top would you", the Pink One Said.

    No, Einar replied, I sort of a Retro Tech sort of guy, but I got a bit of Muskrat Marrow I'll share with you, if your drained"...

    The Bunny replied, "thanks, but its Lithium Ions I need right now, I have a gig to do in the Super Dome, and its a long walk there, from here...."

    Remembering he still had a small stash of Honey, he offered that instead, but the Bunny only said it didn't make his Boat Float.

    Seeing how the water was covered with Ice, Einar wondered why the Pink One needed a boat anyway, but quickly gave up on the thought, because he thought he heard Chris, descending from the Mountains above, and knew he could tune this all out, like a Bad Obamma commercial.


  6. Anonymous07 July, 2012

    It was NOT Chris, coming back home, it was the sound of the Ice breaking up over the small Beaver Pond....

    There was an object, slowly rising out of the near Frozen Water, Shattering the Ice in KraBlillions of small particles....

    As we all know a KraBlillions is only four times larger than the National Debt, and One Fifth of what the Black OPS really spends on teams to look for people like Einar... so this was a lot of ice particles.

    But it did not disturb Einar, because he was still sleeping, and all the above was but a dream...

    Take over Chris, my modem is on the Fritz again ! ;-)