24 June, 2012

Comments from 22 June

Philip said...
Chris, A week ago, I was in Sweat Mode, hot not as ~blazes~ but maybe like a small teepee fire ;-
Today, Long Sleeve Shirt, and almost a full on ~chill~ an Oregon Chill mind you, not some 12,000 foot Glacier ~chill~ if you follow the drift... 
I mean we should have Red Tomatoes on the vine by now, or soon any way, and... they are not even PLANTED most places!!!!
But I am always thank full for Mr. Gore, without Al, I be Freezing now, right???
hey, the plot line right now: Liz says "Travel", GO, I won't stop you.... ~ouch~ that lady has got to be hurting!
IT Takes a strong willed Spouse to ~let go~ I mean... we are talking Einar here, the dude is only Sinew holding a few shreds of muscle that is left, sort of Skin hanging on a ~bone~ hanger as I picture it....
I sure hope the guy lights a fire down there....

Yeah, that’s pretty much the extent of it, little bits of sinew and muscle, on bone.  Might alarm him some if he was still capable of alarm, but it's amazing the sorts of things a person can adapt to, both mind and body.  Really difficult to keep warm though when a person has so little natural insulation, even if they happen to be trying…  One advantage however is that it’s easy to cool off, when it’s hot!  Just a short soak in some cold water, and you can be shivering for an hour or more, even if it’s 100 degrees out!  Really helps.

I do wish it would get cloudy and rain, though.

This place is burning up.  Literally.  New fires starting every day, and the heat and wind just won't quit.

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