17 June, 2012

Comments from 8 June

Anonymous said…
I hope everything is ok with Einar. I haven't seen anything in a few days.
Great writing FOTH.

Gone for the week, back now.  Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said... 
Chris AKA FOTH, gave a notice he was doing a week long high altitude sojourn, possibly to secretly resupply Einar, with vital Energy, from the Energizer Bunny.... Oh, that last information was NOT supposed to be announced, forget you read that.... where is my eraser button?
We ~all~ "Know" Einar would Skin and EAT said E Bunny, and use its brains to tan that Rabbits fur, he would use the Drum Skin, for the window of the cabin, and let Little Snorri have the drum sticks, for future Rabbit Stick training by Liz....
By the time I finish developing this Parallel Story Line, FOTH will be laughing, hysterically....
Yours Truly,
once in a while alternate story line writer, if you remember the old days, before the Blog/ website et cetera.

Yes Philip, I remember.  You filled in admirably while I was gone, in times past.  Think I liked your storylines better than mine, a lot of times!  That was a lot of fun.  :)

Ref100 said… 
Einar, Maybe the reason I get so frustraited with him is there is a little of him in me. (Maybe all of us.) 
Want to do the right thing, the right thing being so clear to everyone else. (Their version of right doesn't seem to fit though.) Everyone has all the answers. But not so clear to me. Sometimes I think the problem is they don't know the right questions. It's easy to look at the painting and critisize, not so easy to create it.
Sorry it has been so long. I will try to comment a little more.Reg100

Good to hear from you.  Yep, I understand how that can be frustrating, and I think we probably all struggle with that sort of thing from time to time.

Thank you all for your patience while I was away.  I'll get back to posting regularly updated chapters now, at least for a while.

Thanks for reading!

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