03 June, 2012

Comments from 2 June

Kellie said…
authorized? but no warrant? lol! yep! "They" can now do that AND more.

Right, if they determined that he might have been “harboring a terrorist,” or some such…  But Patriot Act aside, this situation is further complicated by the fact that Kilgore is working for them at the moment.

Anonymous said… 
They can die too.

That is indeed another thing they can do…

And almost certainly would have, had Einar really been in there.

Anonymous said.. 
Sounds like Bud needs to sweep the ol homestead for nasties the jbts' may have left behind.cimarron

Absolutely!  Isn’t that the first thing most folks think to do, after having been away for a while…?   After watching the house for a day or two from a distance and then approaching cautiously, looking for tracks and other sign, of course!  Or is that just me?  :)

Apple said… 
Lets hope nothing listening was left in the truck with them talking openly like that

They didn’t really have access to the cab of the truck, but yes, caution is in order.

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