06 June, 2012

Comments from 5 June

Kellie said… 
Don't forget the soup and bear hide!!!! 
I have a very strong love hate relationship with this story! 

The part where you love and admire Liz, but hate Einar for being a stubborn old mule, and such?

Anyhow, thanks for reading…  :)

Anonymous said...
Liz has already expressed her own desire for death before capture. The real moral dilemma is the welfare of an innocent child. While except in extremely unusual circumstances it is a crime against God to remove a child from the nurture of his natural and loving parents; we all know that if the family is captured they will be split up and attempts will be made to use them against one another. Despicable but inevitable. Were I Einar and Liz I would be moving plans to provide for a last stand way up on the priority list. Unlike Bonny & Clyde, or Butch & Sundance, last stands don’t always end in disaster. Hope springs eternal. But they need to plan for Broken Arrow. 
They need to provide an inner keep for Will. A sturdy fur lined stone enclosure that will stop bullets and other flying objects. They need to designate to whom guardianship will pass in the event of their deaths or incapacitation; surly Liz has some family somewhere willing to take the infant unannounced. They need to each sit down and write Will a long letter so that he does not lose his heritage and thereby himself. These documents I would very carefully cash in a very safe place known only to Bud and Susan. If Liz and Einar become killed or captured they should be sent anonymously along with a generous retainer to an honest dependable attorney with no past connections to any of the principles. The attorney’s client would be Will’s mother, dead or alive. 
It’s not perfect, but at least it’s a plan. More than they have now. And they need one to get past the dark uncertainty looming over their heads now. 

Wow, a lot to think about there, some things that might work and some that might not, and I guess they ought to be thinking along those lines, given the situation and its unpredictable nature.

Anonymous said…
Some very interesting reading since I was last here... Moved into ~The Lodge~ Sunday, and interestingly enough, it took doing that to Finally power my desk top computer via 12VDC inverter and Deep Cycle style battery. 
works great on a 400 Watt inverter.... for some reason I have no ~store bought power~ what Jenny & I called power from a Utility Company... I got my acct set up, the power was never "off" just changed names, but No Store bought in the house!
M<e, I just got back from 3 days of JOY at Roseburg VAMC, prep for day 1, then Colonoscopy day 2, and hang around till the ~meds wear off~ which takes me to this day!
I downloaded and read all up to June 5.... that Einar, what ~are~ we ~going~ to with him???
I have know Mules that had less stubbornness, I have (viz.: Frugal's old man icon there)!!!!
me, I am tired, have not had good sleep for three days.... much like Einar, only I have a body tempeture near ~regular~ live human sort of, cold feet, but ten toes.....I will have them under flannel blanket after I send this, and nod off! 

Philip, glad you’re getting all settled in the new place--and good thing you have the alternative power, until that gets all sorted out!

Your visit to the VAMC sounds…uh…unpleasant, at best--ought to know better than to let those folks get their hands on you!  Works for me! But glad that’s over with, and you’re home.  And at least you do still have ten toes!  That's always a good thing.


  1. The part where you love and admire Liz, but hate Einar for being a stubborn old mule, and such?

    no, it's all with Einar. lol! Not sure about my level of admiration with Liz, never really was. But I know ...KNOW I love and hate Einar!!! lol!

    I love that he is so strong in his convictions; I just hate what he is currently "convicted" (convinced?) about...

    makes for a great story!!! :)

    1. Anonymous06 June, 2012

      Maybe I can help with your understanding of Einar.
      A long time ago, in a feted jungle far away, a young farm boy who was stupid enough to join the US Special Forces fought to save a fire base from which he had been schedule to stage through for a foray into Cambodia. The American hilltop fire bases of the time were defended by concentric rings of soldiers or Marians. If attacked the outer ring could fall back to the next ring if things went bad. Then the next, and so on. It was actually a fairly good strategy. The farm boy carried wounded defenders back to the next ring each time the unbelievable numbers of NVA regulars forced a fallback. Finally he carried a wounded soldier to an evack bird on the LZ. A medic looked at him, leaking badly from both legs and one arm, and a thousand piano wire cuts from NVA Chinese grenades, grabbed him by the flak jacket and pulled him aboard despite his objections.

      As the slick fought for altitude he heard the fire base commander call “Broken Arrow” over guard channel. ‘Broken Arrow’ meant that an American unit was in danger of being overrun, and every American aircraft that could reach that unit should respond. It did not matter what ordinance the air craft was armed with. Napalm to depth charges, as long as it could be dropped on the heads of the enemy, it was welcome. Two gunships responded. An AC-130 specter and an AC-47 Puff. As the young Special Forces soldier lost consciousness from blood loss his last memory was of the fire base commander instructing the air assets to: “Fire on my position. We are being overrun!” For a quarter century the soldier suffered the unearned, completely undeserved, guilt of deserting his friends in their time of need.

      Twenty five years later he, totally by chance, encountered one of the men left behind at that fire base. And was told that the garrison was saved, when they hunkered down under sand bags in bunkers and let the air assets do their job. Over 150 men whom he had thought were overrun and killed had been saved!

      The guilt was never assuaged. It stays with him to this day. The remnants of battle are not always logical.


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  3. I thank you for your insight.

    I actually have an understanding of my own experiences when it comes to this subject. And that may be exactly why I have this love hate relationship with Einar, he is too much like me...?

    But I will no longer comment on it since the one time I did barely begin to make comments, I was soundly thrashed for my own view and experiences, despite the fact that I never actually was allowed to completely explain myself and the fact that they (the thrashers) completely did not comprehend what I was saying.

    It seems that some men do not understand that women also go to war.